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What it will be used for

The work that will go out from the House of Peace is not primarily about activities, it is about relationships. Relationship with God and with each other. The relationships can be built and grow through the offered activities in a safe space. The activities also support growth in faith and a new life from a biblical perspective.


An important part to reach the goal is education. East-Greenland has its own language and there is hardly any literature or other media available to educate and build people up in faith. The Christian materials available at the moment are mainly in West Greenlandic.

There is little to no knowledge of the Bible or a biblical perspective for relationships and a life as God intended it. The weekly Bible school, which now takes place in a living room, is an example of education that helps people to view and live their lives according to God’s perspective.

Other education and workshops that can take place in the House of Peace will further support this process. For example, there is a desire to offer a marriage course in which couples receive biblical input and can enter into conversation with each other. When a marriage is being restored to what God intended it to be, it will function as a catalyst for further change in families and the society itself.Education is also aimed at training future leaders so that the Christian work can ultimately be carried out by the locals.

Children and Youth

The house will be a big profit for children and youth in Tasiilaq. There would be room for example to make music and be creative, which offers the youth an alternative to the visit of the bar or discotheque. The young people in Tasiilaq will have a place here where they can get to know God and themselves, as His beloved children. This will open new doors for them to break out of the social problems and take a different course for their lives under God’s direction.

Guest speakers and short-term mission teams

The structural work in the House of Peace can also be supported by outside help. Guest speakers to supplement education for example could be invited. The annual pastoral seminar “pain of the heart”, which is given by a Greenlandic pastor from the west coast, would find a permanent location in the house. Short-term mission teams who can have a powerful impact on Tasiilaq could also be housed in the building.

All activities and initiatives going out from the House of Peace are based on people becoming connected to God and each other. It is about relationship. People no longer stand alone, which makes a big difference in this isolated society.

Affirmative and inspiring relationships and activities create an awareness of self-worth and own ability. This gives hope and a healthy vision for life. People full of Life are contagious and will spread the Kingdom of God in an effective way.

Meeting each other

The House of Peace will be a place where people can meet God and each other. There is open access to prayer and worship. Also structural Sunday services can take place here.

Workshops, film evenings and other inspiring one-off events taking place at the House of Peace can further contribute to the work of Gods Kingdom in Tasiilaq.As the work grows and the young Christians themselves take an active part, the activities can expand to further reach the society for Christ. For example, by means of a soup kitchen or a weekly mother-child café or even a christian “coffee house”. 


Almost everyone in East Greenland has experienced traumatic situations, causing them to struggle in life. By means of counseling, Christ-centered self-help groups and seminars, people will have the opportunity to face their painful past and deal with it. They will learn God’s steps towards forgiveness and a life in freedom and how to grow in this. As a result, people will experience healing for their soul and recovery in their relationships.