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The Building Project

The institution House of Peace has received an excellent, centrally located building site by the municipality. On the assigned building site a house can be built that gives room to the local Christian work: the House of Peace.

The house is planned in collaboration with a Danish architect (Christian Panbo). They have experience with construction in Greenland and design self-build houses that are suitable for the harsh climate.

The self-build houses can be built up by non-skilled workers with some help of a professional, within a short time with the supplied material. This saves labor costs, which would otherwise make up about 50% of the project costs. The building material is assembled in a building package as a whole by the architect and sent to Tasiilaq via a container ship in the summer.
The construction work will then be picked up by local Christians and volunteers from abroad, under the leading of a professional hired carpenter.

The building has a size of 7,40m x 17,25m. It will be about 127 m² and contain a bigger meetingplace, a smaller room that can be used for chilldrens work for exmple, a kitchen,a small office and two toilets.

The project costs are estimated on 1.500.000 DKK (€ 200.000). This includes fundament, the building package, plumbing, electricity and painting as well as the transport of all material by land and sea.

If the finances allow it, the building project will start in the summer of 2020.