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The community of believers in Tasiilaq need a facility that will give them a place for discovering and experiencing Gods love. The ongoing work and its further grows is hindered by the lack of facility. Sunday services for example can only be held every two to three weeks and several new initiatives (e.g. for teenage girls, youth, homeless people) can not be carried out at the moment.

The House of Peace will provide this needed facility. As the name says, the house will be a place of peace and hope in a disrupted society – a lighthouse that points the way to the safe harbour, Christ.

This goal is achieved by various activities that take place in the house. These activities facilitate the growth of profound relationships with God and with each other. And they provide input for a life as God intended it.

People will receive faith and life education from Gods Word. There is room for children and youth activities that offer hope and perspective in a safe atmosphere. Different forms of counseling will help people to experience freedom from their past and grow in their new life with Christ.

Some of these activities are already taking place, but are being limited by the lack of facility. The local work needs a suitable and all-time available facility in order to sustain further growth and bear more fruit.

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