Donation via Bank

Do you rather make a direct donation? You can use the following information:

The institution House of Peace, Mission house Tasiilaq has opened a Greenlandic account on which all received donations are collected:

Recipient: Missionshuset Tasiilaq
Address of the recipient: Boks 99, 3913 Tasiilaq
Bank: Grønlandsbanken
Address of the bank: Imaneq 33, Boks 1033, 3900 Nuuk
IBAN: GL9464710001407225

For tax deductable donations (in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands) you can make a donation via the account of Globe Mission:

Globe Mission
IBAN: DE20 5206 0410 0004 0022 53
Subject: Project 486 – Missionhouse